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JRL Attorneys Are In Demand

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Speaking at Seminar

Speaking Engagements

Based on their skills and experience, combined with their contributions as long-time active members and leaders of associations such as the American Bar Association, the New York City Bar Association, the Commercial Law League of America, and the American Bankruptcy Institute, our attorneys our sought out and regularly speak on topics involving restructuring. 

Our Managing Partner, Jack Rose, is also the founder and host of SmallBizReorg, a free resource for businesses, where you will find frank and honest discussions on topics that aren’t discussed at cocktail parties.  As the host, Jack may be seen and heard on much of SmallBizReorg programming, including live and recorded panel discussions, Q&A sessions, interviews, commentary on current issues, live, in-person and online events, and special events.  


Upcoming, Speaking Engagements


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Past, Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement May 16, 2024: Jack Rose Speaks at CLLA National Convention

Our managing partner, Jack Rose, spoke at the Commercial Law League of America’s 130th National Convention in Chicago. His panel - “The New Day of Real Estate: How the Market Reset is Impacting Bankruptcy Law” - examined the ongoing volatility of the real estate market, highlighting trends to look for within the struggling office market across major cities including New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis and others. The discussion also revealed how to do workouts in an evolving lending environment and how to evaluate whether filing bankruptcy is the best course of action. Jack also moderated a later panel discussion – “Four Years of the SBRA: How is it Working?” This panel re-examined the Small Business Reorganization Act, enacted four years ago, in a discussion focused on the post-Covid market, particularly focusing on how Subchapter V might work better for small businesses – how creditors view the Subchapter V experience – and what Subchapter V trustees have learned about their roles in these cases.


Sponsorship May 15-17, 2024: Jack Rose Law Sponsors CLLA National Convention

Jack Rose Law sponsored CLLA's 130th National Convention, held on May 15-17, 2024 in Chicago, Illinois.

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Speaking Engagement May 2, 2024: SmallBizReorg's LiveStream Event

Managing Partner Jack J. Rose hosted SmallBizReorg's LiveStream event on Thursday, May 2, 2024. As part of SmallBizReorg's programming, the LiveStream event was held an open-forum discussion geared toward business owners and their friends. Jack Rose Law was also a sponsor of the event. ​ Visit to learn more.

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Sponsorship May 2, 2024: SmallBizReorg's LiveStream Event

Jack Rose Law sponsored the SmallBizReorg LiveStream event on Thursday, May 2, 2024 held online on SmallBizReorg's YouTube channel. ​Visit to learn more.

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Sponsorship February 9, 2024: CLLA's Southern Region Conference

Jack Rose Law sponsored CLLA's Southern Region Conference, held on February 9-10 in Tampa, Florida.

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